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Industrial microwave dryer machine manufactory, this dry heating system is fast and uniform. Good price performance equipment for food, fruit, wood, raw material, chemic and so on.


● Microwave 

Microwave refers to the electromagnetic waves frequency between 300MHz-300GHz, wavelength is between 1mm to 1m. Our equipment adopt 2450MHz microwave because this is the highest heat efficiency. Microwave usually shows penetration, reflection and absorption characteristics. For glass, plastic and porcelain, microwave will penetrate it without being absorbed. For water and food, it will absorb microwave and heating itself. For metal material, it will reflect the microwave.


● Microwave dry

Water molecule is polar molecule, it will change its polarity and friction motion cause by the effect of high speed change of high frequency electromagnetic field. Then the microwave electromagnetic field energy can be converted into heat energy, and achieve the purpose of drying. Microwave uniform heat up the material inside and outside because of the strong penetrability, will not appear outside dry but inside wet. Body heat source state formation shortens the time of heat conduction and save a lot of drying time.


● Microwave sterilization

Microwave sterilization temperature is from 70 ℃ to 105 ℃, period is from 90 to 180 seconds. Microwave thermal effects change the bacterial protein, make it lose nutrition, reproduction and survival conditions and death. Microwave electromagnetic field can make normal growth and stability of the genetic breeding of bacteria nucleic acid [RNA] and deoxyribonucleic acid [DNA] number of hydrogen bonds slack, breakage and recombination, thereby inducing genetic mutations, chromosomal aberrations and even rupture.


● Microwave Drying Machine Advantages

●  Microwave drying equipment effect at once, power adjustable, transmission speed adjustable, no thermal inertia residues, compare with the conventional process equipment to save energy by 50%.

● Make the material itself become body heat source state, no need heat transfer process, can achieve the drying temperature within a very short time.

● Industrial Microwave Heating uniform heat up the material inside and outside because of the strong penetrability, will not appear outside dry but inside wet.

● Industrial Microwave Dryer can fast sterilization under low temperature sterilization, material store for a long time will not mildew.

● Due to the fast drying speed microwave drying maximally save the activity of the materials, nutrition ingredient and the original color.

● Microwave leakage control in metal drying chamber and the waveguide, no radiation damage and harmful gas emissions, not produce waste heat and dust pollution, microwave drying is efficient and economic environmental drying mode.



● Nasan Company Information

Shanghai Nasan Industry Co., Ltd. located in the China's economic center Shanghai.

Nasan has more than 13 years manufacturing experience of Microwave Dryers.

Nasan has excellent quality management team, professional research team and skilled production workers ensure consistent product quality.

We are professional Microwave Drying Technology manufactory for microwave drier, Microwave Drying Equipment, Microwave Drying Machine, Industrial Microwave Dryer, Microwave Dehydrator and so on.

Microwave Drying Equipment, Microwave Drying Machine, Industrial Microwave Dryer, Microwave Dehydrator




● Relate Product

Microwave Drier have 3 different type

1. Tunnel microwave dryer (Continue dry model, convenient with high capacity)

2. Box microwave drying machine (big microwave oven)

3. Vacuum Microwave Drier (Low temperature drying in vacuum condition, just like freeze drying)

Different structure dryer can be use for food dryer, fruit dryer, tea dryer, wood dryer, paper pipe dryer, sterilization purpose, chemic dryer, raw material dryer and so on.





● Business Communicate

Nasan factory local in Shanghai city China. Shanghai city is the China's economic center, there are so many flight come to shanghai directly.

We can pick you up from the airport.

We sincerely invite you come to our factory for business communicate.

 Welcome to visit us to get the microwave dryer $ price.





● Our Services

1. Feedback with 24 hours with Microwave Dryer Design

2. Delivery 2-3 set wearing part along with machine for free, such as magnetron, transformer, switch, seal sheet, plug, wire, contactor

3. Warrant is 1 years, send spare parts by express delivery for free. After one year only collect spare parts cost.

4. Buyer can be trained in our factory

5. If buyer install the microwave dehydrator by themselves, we will supply the install drawing and paper instruction

6. We can send engineer to buyer place to install the microwave dryer and train the drying operator




● Microwave Dryer Photo

             Vacuum model dryer


                        Batch model dryer


              Continue model dryer




● Microwave Dryer(vacuum model) Technical Parameter



● Microwave Dryer(batch model) Technical Parameter



● Microwave Dryer(continuous model) Technical Parameter





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